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Call 360 Energy Solutions Corp when you need an Isuzu Generator Dealer that offers reliable services for your business. We not only sell and rent out generators to companies, but we also offer repairs as well. When you're interested in having a reliable energy source like an Isuzu generator, call our team. We have over 65 years in the business and know what type of generator services you need. Whether your company is big or small, we have the guidance, skills, and certified experts that you need. We take pride in offering business owners a fully functioning generator that they can count on. When you need energy that you can trust, call on 360 Energy Solutions. We will be there for you through all of your sales and maintenance requests.

Isuzu Diesel

Since we proudly boast over 65 years in the business, you know you can trust us as your Isuzu Generator Dealer. We recognize the dominance of the Isuzu engine, as it has over 20 million units in use right now, and are able to address any issues that accompany it. Our generator products are all held in high esteem by 360 Energy Solutions. We stand by the generators we rent and sell, that's why we are so eager to offer maintenance! Whether you need power generation for an off-road, industrial, construction, or agricultural business, we will be there. Our technicians show up on time and ready to assist. 360 Energy Solutions works with you to ensure that you're getting the best deal possible when it comes to maintenance. Look to us when you need a generator that will withstand anything.

Isuzu Diesel Engines

Since we are a trusted Isuzu Generator Dealer, we know how important it is to ensure yours remains in working order. If you see any issues with your generator, please do not hesitate to call 360 Energy Solutions. We do more than the minimum when it comes to maintenance requests because we believe that our relationship doesn't stop at the end of a sale or rental agreement. You can count on us to keep your generator running smoothly so your business can thrive. 360 Energy Solutions likes to live up to its name and provides comprehensive options for fallen generators. Since we employ certified Isuzu experts, it's usually very easy for us to quickly service your request. We will be out of your hair before you know it. Call our team to learn more about our services today!

360 Energy Solutions offers service solutions on most models of commercial and industrial, off-highway, Isuzu diesel engines. Our clients include:

  • Regional fleets
  • National Fleets
  • OEMs (original equipment manufacturers)
  • Aftermarket retailers

Our directive is to provide complete, fully configured, drop-in ready engines that meet or exceed Isuzu OEM standards.

360 Energy Solutions Isuzu engine platforms are not rebuilt, they are 100% remanufactured, which means that all components are restored to the latest Isuzu official blueprint specifications. This process restores each engine to a 0-hour state at a fraction of the cost to purchase new. This remanufacturing process is measured by unit life-cycle performance.

Our products have earned a reputation of extreme durability, which is an excellent testament of our continuously progressing methods. Each engine unit is rigorously dynamometer tested to meet or exceed original Isuzu standards for verification of performance and reliability.

When available; present performance upgrades and technological improvements are included in the remanufacture process. Specific paint and packaging options are available, plus remote or in-house staging of completed units, 7-21 day turn times, extended warranties, and international logistic support.

Isuzu Service & Warranty Work

360 Energy Solutions offers a variety of both, in-house, and on-site service options for Isuzu equipment and engines; covering all varieties of service and warranty needs.

Our highly skilled, highly trained service technicians are officially and actively certified by Isuzu, as well as fully trained in all modern EPA engine emission requisites.

Internal In-house

360 Energy Solutions is wholly equipped to administer complete, in-house service campaigns of practically any equipment size and fleet capacity. We employ the facilities, personnel, and knowledge required to carry-out projects of even the greatest sizes.

In-field & Onsite

In addition, 360 Energy Solutions possess the equipment, personnel and logistic systems required for a comprehensive variety of in-field and onsite services of Isuzu products & equipment.

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