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When power goes out at an industrial operation, whether it's a telecommunications facility or a dairy farm, the results can be devastating. More than any other type of operation, industrial facilities and their output can become critically endangered without continuous power. To safeguard productivity, personnel and output, 360° Energy Solutions designs, researches and utilizes the world's best-designed and ruggedly built standby generators. Into every generator we specify and inventory, our engineering team quality inspects to ensure that the reliability of the specified generators surpass even our testers' demanding expectations, in some of the world's most extreme conditions. Our precision-fabricated enclosures offer added protection from temperature fluctuations and airborne debris. Built-in, residential silencers provide the sound dampening needed to help crews communicate without the distraction of loud, vibrating equipment.


We offer a variety of analog and digital control systems designed and built in our own facility to provide operating flexibility from manual start to alert-based remote control or full automation, for any location. We also specialize in targeted configurations for harsh conditions, such as cold-package units with special venting enclosures that will start reliably, even when temperatures are sub-zero most of the year.

360° Energy Solutions offers remote monitoring services for standby generators as well, so companies with unattended operations, such as telecommunications transmitters or oil and gas pumping stations, can be assured their standby generators will come on if the power kicks off. There are virtually no industrial crises that our generators cannot handle. We help keep city lights burning and sanitation pumps cleansing water impurities, as well as providing workers with the air and light to escape a mine safely after an outage.


360° Energy Solutions specifies state-of-the-art generators to meet and exceed the highest level of quality, leveraging the individual strengths of both analog and digital technologies. Think there is a solution not yet built into a generator? Ask us, we've probably already done it.

Key Features of Our Industrial Grade Generators

  • Best-in-class digital controls incorporating easy to use displays with configurable alarms and protections.
  • Compact, durable enclosure designs offer large, easy-access doors for service and scheduled maintenance.
  • Features such as top air discharge and residential silencers ensure the quietest possible operation.
  • Curved corners and terminations in enclosures provide strength and durability while achieving an attractive design.
  • Advanced telematics solutions offer companies the convenience of remote generator control and troubleshooting.
  • Enclosures feature oil-and-heat-resistant, rock-wool sound insulation.


If your business relies heavily on electricity, whether you have equipment running round-theclock or you have daily production processes that require heavy use of electrical power, it's important to have a backup power supply. For these purposes, we recommend Heavy-duty industrial backup power generators. 360° Energy Solutions knows all about the need for backup power. Having been in the business of providing high-quality generators for more than two decades, we make sure that our backup power generators are built to suit each client's specific power generation needs.

For industrial use, our heavy-duty power generators are designed to supply power for running several heavy-duty pieces of equipment at the same time. What this means for our clients is that production and operations won't be interrupted when the power suddenly goes out.

How Much Power Do You Need?

To enable us to provide you with the right industrial backup power generators for your business, let us know how much power you will be needing, and what specific equipment or electrical machinery you need to run on backup power.

Giving us this information is vital to the selection of the generator that is suitable for your operations. Not only will this ensure that you get the right amount of backup power that you require, it also ensures that the generator will work optimally and efficiently. Furthermore, it will ensure your safety. With the right power supply for your requirements, there is no risk of overloading.

Please give us a call right now so we can further discuss your backup power needs. You may reach us through our number at 786-348-2156. If you wish to leave us a message instead, please navigate to our Contact Us page. Complete the online Contact Form and leave your message in the message box provided, and we'll be responsive to your needs. Apart from industrial backup power generators, our product lines also include residential and commercial backup power generators. We look forward to doing business with you.

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